After 30 years of hard and successful work in house building industry we had the vision of design and manufacture metallic tubular products for better use of home spaces; better known as “Do it yourself” with no tools needed to assembly, full color packed and quality guaranteed to sell in Department stores, On-line Stores, Warehouse Clubs, Speciality Stores, Home Improvement as well as Hyper and Supermarkets.

Company´s growth have been done step by step but constantly, fighting against national and global economic turbulence of our times, but always keeping our commitment of “right on time” with suppliers and dealers, thanks to that our company in spite of being young, today enjoys of moral and financial solvency.


Our company commitment to final consumer is find a better utilization of small spaces, with very accessible prices and guaranteed quality.

Supply high turnover goods, an efficient sales floor and maximize our dealers profits as well.

KONEKTE increases your space !


Short-term: consolidate our presence in retail firms leaders all over Mexico.

Medium and long-term: Increase our presence in the markets of Latin America, USA and Canada..